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What is the LowSlider?
Introducing the world's first truly modular motion platform based on our original and iconic LowSlider 6DoF design. Offering the start point of a 200mm travel, surge platform, additional actuators can be added when desired and budgets permit.
Zero Latency, High Performance
Utilising commercial grade PT Actuator components combined with Sim Racing Studios software, we deliver highly tuneable, zero latency rapid motion (250mm / sec) in a compact and extremely stylish machine which is finished in the colour(s) of your choice.
We dispatch all of our products around the world with DHL Express and aim to get orders delivered within a 4 week turnaround from the receipt of the initial deposit. All orders are shipped only upon receipt of final payment.

Discuss your requirements with us

We understand that a purchase as significant as this to most people is daunting, however, we have been selling leading edge motion platforms for a few years now and are happy to chat about our services to hopefully put you at ease. We do not require full payment up front, simply a token deposit to initiate the job. This helps us in the event of unforeseen delays in production and quality control and helps you relax.

Build Your Rig


I understand that prices are based on the following cockpit dimensions. Side to side 580mm, Front to back minimum 1250mm. If your dimensions vary from the above, please contact us for a price

Why do I need a 6DOF LowSlider?

To be fair, nobody "needs" a motion platform but it is one of those rare products for men** that delivers unlimited fun and excitement day after day whatever your age. None of our many customers has ever reverted to a static or 3DOF rig as far as we know. Not everyone has the means, skill, bravery, physical capacity or time to drive on the edge with real cars but advances in software and hardware means the thrill can now be delivered to your home, day or night, whatever the weather is doing outside.

A 5DOF system is already a wonderful enhancement to a sim racer / pilot. Road textures, track contours and general terrain are completely absent from a static setup, although some aids exist – DD wheels, sonic transducers and active belt tensioners like the TensionR do fill a gap, but in our experience, nobody that has tested our motion systems has ever left thinking they would be better off with less. Adding front traction loss and a moving central pivot delivers enhanced levels of feedback in terms of tyre performance and general racing pleasure. Front TL also delivers a more realistic flight simulation, especially in combat aircraft, enabling the pilot to point the nose in the direction of travel rather than letting the tail do all the steering. We would recommend this platform for rally driving over paved circuits, however, our customers are thrilled with both.

We have been able to develop the LowSlider with an emphasis on both form and function. It has an hourglass figure and looks stunning in any setting. No sacrifice in performance has been made in designing such an elegant machine. At the end of this process, we made a conscious decision about the pricing of our new product. Looking at the market for high end sim platforms, these things can be ridiculously expensive and yet deliver little more than haptic feedback. Our actuators can be dialled down to 50mm of travel or up to 250mm* with ease. There is no need to compromise and the PT-Actuator components we use sacrifice nothing in terms of responsiveness, or haptics but they can send you sideways on a banked circuit or point you skyward in a fighter jet if that's your wish.

*or 200mm if that's the spec
** we reserve the right to change this, the first lady customer we get.

About Us

Race@home launched in 2020, offering immediate shipment of high-end sim hardware to frustrated customers. Our acclaimed LowRider 5DOF and new LowSlider 6DOF platforms prioritise compact excellence.


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