Cutting Edge Pimax 8K X 

The ONLY  8K VR Headset to deliver 90Hz 

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Are you fed up with "not in stock" messages from UK suppliers ?

Fobbed off with guestimated delivery times but still expected to pay 100% up front with additional downline charges for clearing, handling and who knows what?


Here we only advertise stock on the shelf, if it ain't in, it ain't on. Order by 2pm on a weekday, we dispatch on the day the order is received by 24hr (next working day) courier. Don't believe us? look at our Trustpilot review page (click the star below).

Our listed UK prices include free shipping for any item under 20kg but exclude VAT - added at checkout. International shipments are VAT free ex. UK but shipping is extra. Local country taxes are paid by the customer. Our exports are free from import duty as at March 2021.

So that's it. What you see is what you get. Nothing more to pay

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