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Unleash Immersive Sim Racing with 6 DoF LowSlider
Est. 2020

Race@home Ltd. launched in 2020 aiming to sell high end sim hardware off the shelf to customers fed up with waiting weeks or months to receive their purchases. We only list products available on our shelves for immediate shipment.
In 2021 we decided to invest our time, energy and expertise in developing our own brand of motion platform, with the focus on delivering an easy to assemble, ultra low profile and inexpensive (relative to the market) high performance simulator.
Development was hard and time consuming but eventually the LowRider was launched to widespread critical acclaim. Now, we have created a big sister to the LowRider – the amazing and beautiful LowSlider 6 DOF twin traction loss motion platform shown above. We just have to tell the world that motion simulation is much more than haptic vibrations. Tracks are not flat and cars do not lean sideways when cornering. Braking and changing gear.....and crashing, have a physical sensation too. Despite the quality of our products and stunning colour options, Race@home is committed to a price point which to some might indicate an inferior product. Believe us when we say, this is not.

No more waiting months
Get the thrill of high-end sim racing hardware instantly. No more waiting months for your purchase to arrive
Immediate Shipping
Race@home offers off-the-shelf sim racing hardware for immediate dispatch. Say goodbye to long waiting times
Experience the Next Level
Partnering with PT-Actuator, we bring you the 5 DoF and 6 DoF motion platforms. Available for quick shipment worldwide
Introducing the LowRider 5 DoF
Our perfected soft launch of 5 DoF LowRider received widespread acclaim. Now, get ready for the new 6 DoF LowSlider
Your one-stop shop
Our one-stop shop for motion platforms, pedals, wheels, and VR kit. We are dedicated to delivering the best in sim racing and flying experiences
Join the Thrill-Seekers
At Race@home, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our low-profile motion platforms will bring the excitement of driving and flying right to your fingertips
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Ronald Houtman

I am a truly satisfied customer of Race@home. I recently purchased the LowRider from their website and was delighted with both the quality and design of the hardware. What sets Race@home apart is their exceptional customer service. The staff is incredibly helpful and friendly, creating a warm atmosphere that makes you feel like part of the family. They go above and beyond to ensure you receive what was promised, and their shipping information is accurate. Thanks to this fantastic experience, I will confidently return to Race@home for all my sim racing gear needs. Their dedication to top-notch products and outstanding customer service has made me a loyal customer.

About Us

Race@home launched in 2020, offering immediate shipment of high-end sim hardware to frustrated customers. Our acclaimed LowRider 5DOF and new LowSlider 6DOF platforms prioritise compact excellence.

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