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The Sidewinder range includes 4-, 5-, and 6-DoF variants, and every Sidewinder Motion Simulator is fitted with PT-Actuator's exceptional Scorpion Series actuators in the uprights for the ultimate simulator experience.



Sidewinder Motion Simulators are modular, meaning that you can upgrade your Sidewinder 4-DoF to a 5-DoF or your 5-DoF to a 6-DoF using upgrade kits.


And all Sidewinder Motion Simulators come with a three-year warranty.


Sidewinder Motion Simulators are compatible with all major sim-racing peripherals on the market, including VR headsets and Fanatec hardware.


Sidewinder Motion Simulators support cockpit frames that use 40/80 and 40/160 profile and, with an industry-standard 580mm wide cockpit area, a wide range of cockpits can fit onto the Sidewinder Motion Simulator. 


Additionally, a Sidewinder's cockpit mounting area can be customised to fit other cockpit widths if required.


Each new Sidewinder Motion Simulator comes with a licence to Sim Racing Studio, which connects your Sidewinder Motion Simulator to your favourite sim-racing software, including iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione.


Training with a realistic simulator off-the-track will help you to stay at the top when you are on-the-track. Feeling your car's limit and knowing when you can push harder, can be the difference between winning or losing. Sidewinder's full-motion technology can approximate a multitude of race car movements and dynamic forces. 

Sidewinder 6-DoF Motion Simulator, the range's flagship model, uses seven actuators to give your rig true 6-DoF (degrees-of-freedom) motion; enjoy roll, pitch, yaw, heave, sway and surge effects with your favourite racing simulator. Compatible with the leading sim-racing cockpits and peripherals on the market, Sidewinder is precise, strong and highly adjustable.

Professional racers know that when you are in the moment, feedback matters. Now, with Sidewinder, you can experience the feeling of taking a chicane at 140 mph, landing a monster truck in that sweet spot of a dirt jump, or even executing evasive manoeuvres in your fighter jet.


All Sidewinder models use four vertically mounted Scorpion Series actuators to produce fast, accurate heave, roll, and pitch effects. 

And Sidewinder 5-DoF and 6-DoF models use a horizontally mounted actuator connected to a set of parallel slides to produce surge effects. 


The combined motion of these five actuators simulates the type of chassis movements a race car experiences during a race. 


A single rear-mounted actuator is used on the Sidewinder 4-DoF and 5-DoF models to produce a yaw effect that simulates rear-wheel traction loss. 


The Sidewinder 6-DoF uses PT-Actuator's newly designed dual-actuator setup to produce full yaw and sway motions. Capable of independent movement, these two, horizontally mounted actuators, can replicate the feeling of a car losing front- or rear-traction separately and parallel slides when traction loss is experienced completely.  

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For the ultimate sim-racing experience, PT-Actuator has created the Sidewinder 6-DoF Motion Simulator. Using seven actuators, the Sidewinder 6-DoF produces true six degrees-of-motion: roll, pitch, heave, sway, surge, and front- and rear-wheel traction loss (yaw) effects. Now, with 6-DoF, you can experience full-motion with your sim-rig for the most immersive and exhilarating sim-racing experience. 

Includes: AMC-AASD servo controller, 750W Shield AASD15A servo drivers for Scorpion Series actuators, 600W Shield AASD15A servo drivers for Traction Loss (Sway and Yaw) and Surge actuators, 4x Scorpion Series (S) actuators, 2x Traction Loss actuators (Yaw), 1x Surge actuator, Surge sliding-rails with sliders, Upper motion frame kit (for surge, heave, roll, and pitch), Middle and lower motion frame kits (for sway and yaw), Servo driver housing, Seven sets of power and encoder cables (3 meters long), All mounting screws, brackets and fixtures, Software licence: Sim Racing Studio, 3-year manufacturer's warranty




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