Sidewinder 4-DoF Motion Simulator

Sidewinder 4-DoF Motion Simulator


The Sidewinder 4-DoF is PT-Actuator's experience sim-racing motion simulator. Manufactured with 40mm x 80mm, and 40mm x 160mm extruded aluminium profile, that offers maximum stability and can withstand vibrations and high levels of longitudinal and transverse forces. This motion system is fully adjustable, with the ability to independently configure each actuator to match your desired level of dynamic response.


Using five actuators, the Sidewinder 4-DoF is capable of producing heave, roll, pitch and rear-wheel traction-loss effects (yaw). This wide range of motion creates an immersive experience, which approximates a multitude of race car movements and dynamic forces; including subtle movements, such as body roll and suspension compression, and more thrilling effects, such as rear-wheel traction loss.


Upper Motion Platform

The Sidewinder 4-DoF uses four vertically mounted Scorpion Series actuators to produce fast, accurate heave, roll, and pitch effects. The combined motion of these four actuators simulates the type of chassis movements a race car experiences during a race.


Middle and Lower