Scorpion Sim-Racing Motion Actuators

Scorpion Sim-Racing Motion Actuators

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PT-Actuator's Scorpion-Series is a high-performance sim-racing actuator.


With a stroke length of 150mm and movement speeds up to 250mm/s, the Scorpion Series (S) dynamic action will elevate your sim-racing experience even further. Whether you're on on the track or in the air, a Scorpion Series powered full-motion system will bring your sim experience to life.


The Scorpion Series (S) actuator can lift a payload of 200kg per actuator and produce an acceleration force of up to 1 G. Precision manufactured our newly designed 80mm diameter actuator assembly houses a 50mm diameter piston rod, which increases performance and stability.


Scorpion performance actuators are fully adjustable, with the ability to independently configure each actuator to match your desired level of dynamic response. Once fitted to your motion simulator rig, Scorpion Series actuators’ dynamic motion creates an immersive experience, which can approximate a multitude of race car movements, such as pitch, heave, and roll.


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  • Stroke length: 150 mm

    Speed: 250 mm/s

    Acceleration: 1 G

    Maximum load per actuator: 200 kg



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