PT-Actuator Sidewinder 6-DoF Motion Simulator

PT-Actuator Sidewinder 6-DoF Motion Simulator

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The Sidewinder 6-DoF boasts 7 actuators, each delivering 150mm of travel to provide a completely immersive driving and flight simulation experience. The chassis construction of 40:80 extruded aluminium profile combines strength with stability, weighs less than 165kg, and can withstand vibrations and high levels of longitudinal and transverse forces found in the most demanding software. Utilising the telemetry tuning expertise of our partners at Sim Racing Studios and Thanos (Licence included), our users can deliver precisely tuned, game specific instructions over the most rugged terrain or the smoothest grand prix circuit.


The Sidewinder 6-DoF is capable of producing surge, heave, roll, pitch, front and rear-wheel traction-loss effects (yaw). It can deliver the subtle changes in racetrack surfaces - on and off the racing line, over the rumble strips and on to the marbles, yet the range of travel is ideal for flight and air combat simulators and extreme dirt track racing.


Upper Motion Platform

The Sidewinder 6-DoF uses four vertically mounted Scorpion Series actuators to produce fast, accurate heave, roll, and pitch effects. A horizontally mounted actuator connected to a set of parallel slides produces surge effects. The combined motion of these five actuators simulates the type of chassis movements a race car experiences during a race.


Middle and Lower Motion

The Sidewinder 6-DoF uses front and rear mounted actuators to simulate loss of grip in time for you to correct or enjoy the slide. Especially useful in competitive racing when maximum control is essential.


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  • AMC-AASD servo controller

    750W Shield AASD15A servo drivers for Scorpion Series actuators

    600W Shield AASD15A servo drivers for Traction Loss (Sway and Yaw) and Surge actuators

    4x Scorpion Series (S) actuators 

    2x Traction Loss actuators (Yaw)

    1x Surge actuator

    Surge sliding-rails with sliders

    Upper motion frame kit (for surge, heave, roll, and pitch)

    Middle and lower motion frame kits (for sway and yaw)

    Servo driver housing

    Seven sets of power and encoder cables (3 meters long)

    All mounting screws, brackets and fixtures

    Software licences: Sim Racing Studio

    3-year manufacturer's warranty



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