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Knuckles Controllers

Designed for natural feeling hand interaction in virtual reality experiences, with high-fidelity finger tracking and optimal comfort.


Knuckles Controller's ergonomic design, materials and engineering are built for comfort. 

*Please note that Knuckles Controllers are only sold as part of the Pimax 8K X Kit, see our store for more details.

Steam-VR Base Station 2.0

Base Station 2.0 enables room-scale virtual reality experiences by extending the tracking area for Pimax headsets and controllers. 

Experience maximum immersion with Pimax.

Pimax Vision 5K 

VR Headset

Pimax's Vison 5K Super VR headset has a 200º field-of-view and a refresh rate of up to 180 Hz, producing a truly immersive experience. With Pimax 5K Super, you get a virtual reality experience without compromise.




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