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Knuckles Controllers

Designed for natural feeling hand interaction in virtual reality experiences, with high-fidelity finger tracking and optimal comfort.


Knuckles Controller's ergonomic design, materials and engineering are built for comfort. 

*Please note that Knuckles Controllers are only sold as part of the Pimax 8K X Kit, see our store for more details.

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Steam-VR Base Station 2.0

Base Station 2.0 enables room-scale virtual reality experiences by extending the tracking area for Pimax headsets and controllers. 

Experience maximum immersion with Pimax.

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Pimax Vision 5K 

VR Headset

Pimax's Vison 5K Super VR headset has a 200º field-of-view and a refresh rate of up to 180 Hz, producing a truly immersive experience. With Pimax 5K Super, you get a virtual reality experience without compromise.