eSports Pro-Race V2 3 Pedal System (Hydraulic Technology)

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Based on the very popular OBP Motorsport Pro-Race V2 pedal systems & with over a decade of proven real-world motorsport winning success, our engineering expertise has been packaged into the OBP eSports Pro-Race V2 pedal systems which will take your sim racing to another level, giving you the most immersive & realistic motorsport simulation experience.

  • Aircraft grade T6061 aluminium pedals

  • Mild steel cradle construction coated in a black textured finish

  • Multiple pedal pad adjustment

  • Fully hydraulic utilising our own master cylinder and slave cylinder

  • Adjustable pedal ratios

  • Adjustable accelerator return

  • Adjustable clutch stop

  • Oil-impregnated bronze bearings at pedal pivots

  • Ergonomic pedal pad adjustment for heel and toe

  • HEL PVC coated brake hoses

  • Simple 'plug & play set up'

  • Available in Silver 

  • Fibro Elastomer Springs

  • 24 Month Warranty

  • UK Manufactured by our skilled engineers

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Constructed from aircraft grade T6061 aluminium pedals and mild steel cradle, these pedals offer adjustable pedal ratios, accelerator return and multiple pedal pad adjustments just like our real pedal systems, providing incredible feel and feedback for the driver, these pedals offer a braking sensation that is as close to real life as you can get!


Comes with 3 x Fibro Elastomer Springs (different strengths) to adjust firmness of the brake pedal, you are able to mix and match to get the firmness of your desire.


The PC control board allows for high level resolution input featuring a 1000Hz response time which will eliminate any latency in pedal travel from the signal between the pedals to the computer.