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Lowest Profile Available
In standard configuration with 250mm rear traction loss, 200mm surge and 4 x 150mm Scorpion vertical lifters, the driver sits 12 inches off the ground. Unlike many motion systems out there, a set of steps are not required to climb aboard.
Precise Dimensions
The LowRider platform is built to order using precise dimensions supplied by the customer. We don't do a one size fits all product and can accommodate DBox, SFX and various other hardware. The components we use far exceed the anticipated lifetime use.
Choose your colour
The LowRider is pretty. We will paint it in any colour or finish you require (subject to availability). Unlike many products out there which resemble The Terminator on acid and are confined to the darkest corners of the Man Cave, this platform shouts.

Experience the thrill of realistic motion simulation with The LowRider

Our motion platforms are engineered with precision and innovation. The Low Rider offers a 5 degrees of freedom (5 DoF) motion system that provides unparalleled immersion and responsiveness.

Our commitment to delivering the best and the lowest profile motion platforms ensures that you can enjoy the same excitement and adrenaline of driving and flying in the comfort of your home. Fill out the form below to enquire about The Low Rider and take the first step towards an exhilarating sim racing experience.

Build Your Rig


I understand that prices are based on the following cockpit dimensions. Side to side 580mm, Front to back minimum 1250mm. If my dimensions vary from the above, please contact us.

As far as we know, the lowest profile 2 DOF TL and Surge platform in production today

Featuring a choice of Surge (150mm or 200mm) and Traction Loss (200mm or 250mm) PT-Actuator Baby Monster actuators each delivering 250mm/s of zero latency travel, the LowSlider can be custom build to fit most rectangular cockpit profiles with a maximum cockpit operating width of 620mm. The Lowrider is built to order to precise measurements provided by you and painted in whatever colour or finish you like. When combined with our own supplied PT-Actuator Scorpions or your existing 3 DOF kit, your sim experience will be transformed while only adding a few inches to the height of your current setup.*

The creative process behind the LowRider can be expressed as follows:-

Let's flatten the best performing 5 DoF hardware platform currently available, let's get rid of all the noise generated by an 80:20 profile motion platform in action, let's paint it in pretty awesome colours and finally, let's deliver it worldwide, ready for speedy assembly without the need to refer to any technical drawings. So far, so good. Out of the box, the LowRider can be integrated to an existing 3 DOF setup in under an hour – but you can't do it alone. Unless otherwise requested, we wire all the servos (silent of course) and carry out a full post production test prior to dispatch. Building a full 5 DOF kit from scratch will add an extra 30 minutes to this timescale. By comparison, some motion kits arrive in 3 or 4 crates and take days or even weeks to build (been there, done that)

*We recommend the use of Sim Racing Studios software to output motion telemetry, although SimHub can be used if SRS is incompatible with your current system.

About Us

Race@home launched in 2020, offering immediate shipment of high-end sim hardware to frustrated customers. Our acclaimed LowRider 5DOF and new LowSlider 6DOF platforms prioritise compact excellence.

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