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200MM Actuators for Flight Simulator

Introducing the Scorpion 200 Series: a flight sim actuator that produces the motion performance you need in your motion simulator. 

The Scorpion Series actuator is designed to turn your simulator rig into a truly immersive experience. Whether you are racing in motorsport or you are a flight enthusiast, the Scorpion Series actuator will elevate your simulator experience. 

To meet the demands of modern flight simulation, you need effective feedback. Offering a stroke length of 200mm at speeds up to 250mm/s, the Scorpion Series dynamic action is designed to give you exquisite feedback and feel. Whether you're on on a pleasure flight or in a full dog fight, a full-motion system will bring your sim experience to life.

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PT-Actuator has developed its performance actuator to meet the demands of modern sim-racing. Now, with the Scorpion Series, you can match the motion drivers in your rig with your performance needs.


The response speed of your actuator is everything when it comes to effective motion systems. When you hone your skills, you need an actuator that can replicate the changes in conditions accurately and in real time. With a g-force rating up to 2G and a movement speed up to 250 mm/s, the Scorpion Series is fast!


You want the very best kit on your rig, and that means dealing with the added weight of high-end peripherals. That’s why Scorpion Series (S) actuators can hold loads up to 250kg per actuator.