Frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you accept ?

At checkout you have the choice of all major credit and debit cards to make instant payment. Additionally we accomodate those who wish to pay via bank transfer instead simply get in touch for further details.

What currency do you accept

At present we accept Sterling card payments. Euro and US$ payments direct to bank - details upon request

How much VAT / Sales Tax will I pay on my order ?

If you order for UK delivery you will be charged 20% VAT at checkout. For our international customers there is no VAT at checkout, however local sales taxes will be applied and require settlement prior to delivery. The courier will contact you with the payment request. Currently we believe there is no additional duty payable on our products which are shipped with HE codes 8543900000 for hardware and 9504509100 for headsets.

Do you Meca pedal sets come with the upgraded spring ?

We aim to offer our customers the latest version of hardware in the shortest possible time but appreciate that holding large inventories means we may not have the latest upgrades on the shelf. All4Sim have agreed to ship the latest upgrade components free of charge and they will be sent to our customers when received. Of course, we do not provide unlimited hardware updates, but where a unit on our shelf has been improved, we will.

Which Yaw is right for me, standard or pro ?

The technical specs for both models are listed on our site. The Pro has 20% more motor performance, a backrest and some mood lighting. Weight of the user is clearly a factor in YAW performance. If your sudden weight gain is a temporary result of Covid confinement, you could go for the standard, but if you're a lifelong fatbloke or very tall, go for the pro.

How long will it take me to D.I.Y. build a sidewinder motion platform ?

We offer a prebuild service for £360 and it takes us around 12 hours to build and test the platform in our warehouse. However, it is hard work and we would rather you did it. You will need a lot of space to work comfortably and we supply step by step photos of the build process. If 2 people can take time to follow the instructions, they could be ready to go in 2 days. Their backs may hurt and your swearbox will be full but you will, if you have done it right have your rig up and running just in time for your return to work on Monday. £360 doesn't sound so bad now as a prebuild should be up and running in under an hour. Before commencing the build, we strongly recommend watching the PTA segments on the Sim Racing Garage YouTube channel.