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At Race At Home, we have all suffered the dreaded works day out. Be it paintballing, go karting, a day at the races the result is always the same. Someone always gets left behind with the activity, through inexperience or lack of interest. Now add the weather into that mix and your "Fun" day out soon turns into a bit of a flop. We like to do corporate right, depending on what your desired results are we can tailor make an experience to your needs.

Our corporate events look vastly different to what you have come to expect as the standard, we are all about raising that bar as the world moves forward so should we.  

Pt Actuator 5 Dof Racing Simunltor 

We are the exclusive suppliers in europe so you can gaurantee to wow all with the movement and exclusivity this product delivers.

Display options 

We can team any our packages up with impressive VR solutions from Pimax offering 5k & 8k experiences turning this simulator into an outer body experience. This is great for the driver but as a spectator quite dull so we would always suggest you twin this up with  our 100" Hisense laser screen to offer a cinematic viewing spectacle for all.

For those that wish to not have the VR as we offer a beautiful 3 x 32" monitor set up with delivers an immersive experience with an excellent field of vision to truly put your skills to the test. 

Pedals come courtesy of Meca, these are the a fantastic product that deliver excellent feel and response, so much so we use them our self.

When it comes to wheel bases there really is only one option Simucube. The feel and adjustment makes every race a pleasure.

Sidewinder Racing Simulator 

5 DOF, Triple Monitor Stand , Suitable PC, 1 Guru, Time Logging

3 Hours 

Half Day 


3 Day 







2x Sidewinder Racing Simulator 

2x 5 DOF, 2x Triple Monitor Stand , 2x Suitable PC, 1 Guru, Time Logging 

3 Hours 

Half Day 


3 Day 







Sidewinder VR Racing Simulator Experience 

5 DOF, Pimax 5K Vr Headset,100" Hisense Display, Suitable PC, 1 Guru, Time Logging

3 Hours

Half Day


3 Day









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